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Advance Diploma in Computer Application and Programming (ADCAP)

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March 11, 2015
2 weeks


Jacky Michaels
Senior Lecturer - Marketing


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Tally is a Complete Business Solution, encompassing basic Bookkeeping, Sales & Purchase, Receivables & Payables, Multi-location Stock Management, Multi Company and Multi Division accounts, comprehensive budgeting, cost / profit centre accounting, project accounting, time-related accounting, with flexible periods.
Developed as a product for accountants and owners, – Tally completely demystifies the use of computers. Accountants relate themselves quickly and easily with the concepts behind Tally and initial training rarely takes more than a few hours.
Tally.ERP 9 has all the features required for high- performance business management. Tally Account Software offers a range of inventory options from simple inventory and stock management to advanced including invoicing, purchase orders, discount column in invoicing, flexible units of measure, stock query and multiple stock valuation methods.

Tally.ERP9 Course Benefit For Students

Better chances of Employability in the field of accounts
Updated and latest knowledge about various tax laws and schemes.
Updated and practical Course contents. All Industry Need features of Tally.ERP9.
Better chances of employable as an Accountant.
Learning Day To Operations on Tally.ERP9. Focus On Practical Professional Knowledge Of Tally.ERP9

Tally.ERP9 Training Program Developed by “tiwari classes”

Tiwari classes is providing Computer Education since 1993 and is one of the oldest computer institute in East-Delhi, This Certification Computer Course is for Three Months. This Certification Computer Course is for beginners, Job Seekers, who want to learn Tally.ERP9. However those who wish to become Accounts Assistant, Accountant, Trainee Accountant can also join this course, this is a job oriented practical course, every student is provided individual computer and Individual coaching. Extra practice hours are provided to each student after the classes.

Why to Join “Tiwari classes” ? Who can Join ?
Oldest Institute Since 1993
Affordable Fee With Quality Education
Full Course Coverage
Experienced Faculty
Fully Air-condition Class Rooms
Individual Coaching System
Daily Practical Classes,Study Material
11th/12 th Pass student
Under Graduate

Classes by 22+ Yrs Experience Faculty
1:1 Classes to Each Students
Industry based Practical Assignments
Extra Practice Hours without any additional Charges
100% Fee Refund Guarantee even After 1 Month if Not satisfied with Our Coaching*
*Condition Apply
Certificate Program In Accounting


Accounting & Inventory
Introduction Of Tally.ERP
Introduction Of Tally Version & Release
Creation Of New Company
Alter & Deletion Of Company
Security Protection In Tally
Introduction Of Tally Group
Creation, Alteration & Display Of Ledgers
Creation, Alteration & Display Of Group
Usage Of “Bill By Bill Detail”
Conversion Of Manual Balance Sheet To Tally Balance Sheet
Voucher Type & Their Entries’
Payment /Receipt Voucher
Sale/Purchase Vouchers
Contra Voucher
Debit/Credit Note
Optional Voucher
Physical Voucher
Memo Voucher
Compound Entries
Maintain Budget & Control
Maintain Cost Centre
Maintain Cost Category& Advance Cost Category
Reporting Part
Balance Sheet
Trial Balance
Trading & Profit & Loss A/C
Day Book
Alteration In Voucher Entry
Deletion Of Voucher
Creating Duplicate Voucher
Inserting Voucher Between Two Voucher
Voucher Filtering
Hide/Unhide Voucher
Deleting Of Ledger
Export Of All Reporting Part In Excel
Printing Of Reporting Part
Day Book
Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss A/C
Ledgers A/C
Certificate Program in Inventory

Certificate Program in Inventory



Entering Balance Sheet With Inventory Details
Creation Of Single & Multiple Godown
Creation Of Stock Item, Units & Alternate Units
Maintain Stock Category & Stock Group
Invoice Preparation
Voucher Entry In Inventory Mode
Process Of Purchase Order With Inventory Mode
Purchase Order
Receipt Note
Rejection Out
Purchase (Invoice Format)
Debit Note

Process Of Sales Order With Inventory Mode
Sale Order
Delivery Note
Rejection In
Sales With Invoice
Credit Note
Advance Feature Of Tally.ERP
Use Different & Actual Billed Qty
Use Separate Discount Column In Invoice
Muse Multiple Price Level
Maintain Job Costing
Use Additional Cost Of Purchase
Use Bill Of Material (BOM)
Stock Journal
Manufacturing Journal
Physical Stock Voucher
Active Interest Calculation
Memorandum Voucher
Reversing Journal
Post Dated Voucher
Multi Currency In Tally
Reporting Part
Stock Summery
Inventory Books
Item Details
Stock Group Details
Godown Summery



Advance Features of Taxation
Delhi Value Added Tax (DVAT)
Introduction & Enabling VAT in Tally
Accounting Entries Under DVAT
Forms in DVAT
Purchase Transactions under VAT
Purchase from Unregistered Dealer
Sales Transactions under VAT
VAT Adjustment under Purchase/Sales Return
Computation of VAT
Input /Output VAT
Adjustment of Input VAT & Output VAT
VAT Payable/Refundable
VAT Adjustment Voucher
Multiple VAT Entries
Capital Goods in VAT
Printing of Various VAT Return Forms
Purchase/Sales Register Form 30/31
VAT Challan/Return Form 20/16
Form 2A, 2B
Point Of Sale
Creation of POS Voucher with & without VAT
Composite VAT
Accounting Entries in Composite VAT
Central Sales Tax (CST)
Introduction & Accounting Entries of CST
Forms in CST
Form C,Form E1/E2
Form G,Form H, I, J
CST Return Form
Service Tax
Service Tax in Tally
Accounting Entries of Service Tax
Forms in Service Tax
Computation of Service Tax
Input Service Tax
Output Service Tax
Adjustment of Input Service Tax & Output Service Tax
Service Tax Payable/Refundable
VAT Adjustment Voucher
TDS (Tax Deducted At Source)
Enable TDS in Tally
Accounting Entries in Tally
Printing of TDS Challan
Form 16-A in Tally
TCS (Tax Collected At Source)
Goods & Transactions Under TCS
Enable TCS in Tally
Accounting Entries in Tally
Accounting Entries in Tally
Enabling Excise in Tally
Manufacturing Excise.
Trading Excise


Configuring Payroll In Tally.Erp9

Creating Payroll Master
Employee Setup
Payroll Master
Attendance/Production Type
Pay Heads
Salary Details Setup
Processing Payroll in Tally.Erp 9
Attendance Voucher
Payroll Voucher
Payment of Salaries
Accounting for Employer PF Contribution
Accounting for Employer ESI Contribution
Payment of Professional Tax
Payroll Reports
Pay Slip
Multi Pay Slips
Pay Sheet
Payroll Statement
Payroll Register
Attendance Sheet
Payroll Statutory Reports
Provident Fund Reports
Employee’s State Insurance Reports
Professional Tax Reports
Gratuity Report